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The history of our company


  • the firm Delta Engineering was founded by 2 alumni from the Technical University Zwickau (today West-Saxon University Zwickau)
  • the founder of the company and owner were:
- Dipl.-Ing. Maik Luft
- Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Heberlein


  • Thomas Heberlein sold his shares
  • the sole managing director and owner till this day is Maik Luft

[1993] - [2003]

  • creation of a local, continuous growing client base
  • installations of novell-based networks
  • installation and care of each 20 linked novell networks
  • installation and care of foreign inventory control systems (wholesale trade, retail trade, production)
  • selfdevelopment of several versions at:
  • - inventory control systems
    - production planning and control
    - temporary work
    - object tracing
  • 2 times moves in more optimal premises
  • carefully growing coworker number
  • greater, stretching of several years projects in certificated supplier area of automobile industry
  • strict markedness of self developments to standard produdts
  • opening of a computer centre as supposition of the new branch “application-hosting”


  • founding of the association “Die IT-Macher e.V.” (= the information technology maker), Delta Engineering is one of the founder member, represented by director gratuated engineer Maik Luft


  • pening of a branch office in Mihla, district Buchenau near Eisenach
  • move in new premises


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