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Pullout of the knowledge from our coworkers




Because of long lasting activity in the area individual software development our development team covers a great share of the programming languages and programming technology which are up to date. Because of the complexness and the number current customer requirement is a creation of interfaces our daily bread. This knowledge is known by staffmembers and nomerous individual spezialised freelancer.

Short summary:
  • Delphi
  • C/C++
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Perl
  • Cient-/Server-architectur (TCP/IP, UDP, Corba etc.)
  • Databases (Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL, MySQL, Interbase, Firebird, MS Access, Paradox etc.)
  • multilayered computer applications
  • interoperability and interfaces between software systems
  • creation of interfaces to hardware components (digital cards and others)



Since 1991 we administrate information technology systems. In the first years it were DOS, Novell and Windows 3.x systems, later server and terminal server operating systems like Windows NT, Windows 2000 server to the point of the newsworthy Windows 2003 server in a Citrix metaframe presentation server environment. Beside the products of Microsoft we busy with server scene among UNIX. The named server operating systems associate closly with the care of costumer networks.

Short summary:
  • Novell Server / MPR
  • Windows NT / Windows NT terminalserver (inkl. Citrix-Metaframe, NFuse)
  • Windows 2000 server and terminal server functionality (inkl. Citrix-Metaframe XP)
  • Windows 2003 server and terminal server functionality (inkl. Citrix-Presentation-Server)
  • Linux (SuSE, RedHat, Debian ...)
  • Windows 95/98/ME
  • Windows 2000/XP


In the year 2000 we hosted as one of the first companies windows based computer applications on the base of Citrix on the internet. This service is strict grade up till todays date. At the moment we host own products e.g. a merchandise management for ca. 650 electro companies all over germany.

Short summary:


Software development:

Creation of own, customised resolutions in several branches

  • ertificated (ISO/TS 16949:200x) automobile supplier
  • electro companies/electro handicrafts
  • electro wholesale trade

Hosted computer applications:

Provision of own, complete branch resolutions
  • Delta WE, a merchandise management for electro companies/handicrafts
  • morphELEKTRO, the new generation of a comprehensive handicraft resolution for electro companies/handicrafts
  • Delta-OV, a modern object persecution


Transfer of complete information technology sequences

  • Back-up computercenters in standby and online operating
  • Customers computercenters in standby and online operating



The staffers and Delta Engineering own the copyright and celebral
property on own standard products and support these products for them self. 

  • merchandise management “Delta-WE” (electro companies/handicrafts)
  • merchandise management PPS “Walter” (certificated (ISO/TS 16949:200x) automobile supplier)
  • production planning “Delta-PPS” (line producter metal tools)
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